It’s important for children to take pride in their School, as a whole not just for their individual efforts. From the moment the doors open on a Monday morning until the last light is switched off on a Friday,  the school week if filled up with so many valuable contributions to be displayed proudly in the school’s display case.

DISCAB-4-500x500 (1) Autographed Sports Memorabilia are also a great idea to get the motivation rising. And if a school sports team were to win a championship, it makes for an exciting opportunity for the winning team and its coaches, whether it’s football, rugby, basketball, cricket, volleyball, or tennis, to sign the game ball and proudly exhibit it next to the trophy in the school’s display case. And for those sports that aren’t won with game balls, but with pure strength, endurance and determination, such as wrestling, track and swimming, you might consider displaying alternative autographed sports memorabilia relating to that sport. If ever there was a platform built to celebrate a school’s winning spirit, it would be the school display case.

Competition, whether it is in sports or academics, is something held in high esteem. Championing a winning attitude in the hearts and minds of students is important, and the display case is where their victory comes to shine in the form of championships, trophies, plaques, awards and scholarships.

It’s always a thrill when your  school gets a great write-up in the local newspaper for its academic excellence, community contributions and/or athletic accomplishments. These clips are something to be proud of and should be framed for all to read. Student Artwork Like those ancient artefacts found in museums, a student’s prize-winning piece of artwork is a priceless piece of school history and should be displayed for all to see. Not only is it the perfect venue for future artists to proudly exhibit their work, but it is a great way to incorporate art and culture into the vein of your school’s legacy. Special Photographs Special photographs of, theatre productions, sporting events, community volunteerism, school dances, graduations and other memorable occasions that take place within the school year can be featured in the display case. Photographs have a way of marking special milestones, as well as drawing attention to the great things that take place within your school..

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