playinginsunEven as adults, we learn more when we enjoy the way we’re being taught something and that goes double for kids, who are like little sponges when it comes to learning something new!

And making learning fun really is child’s play when you see the range of educational toys and games we have on offer.

Whether you’re buying for your school, nursery or home use,  our range offers something for everyone, from pre-schoolers to older children, as well as youngsters with learning difficulties and disabilities – our preschool sensory toys help provide children with a stimulating learning environment which can work wonders for their development.

We’ve listened to what teachers and nursery managers want, and thought about what children need from their toys at every turn.

From bubbles, blocks and noisy rainbomakers to larger items to fill a room, our sensory toys are tactile, colourful and suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities and of course, coming from us, they are also extremely competitively priced.

Imagination and pretending are obviously essential parts of play, and our educational toys help stimulate this.

Our role play toys are always popular, from little cooks to super shop-keepers, items include everything your children need to create their own mini world of work – through play!

Play sets also let your youngsters lose themselves in their own magical world, as do our puppet sets, all providing hours and hours of fun and imaginative play.

Whilst they’re learning letters through jigsaw-building, they’re also fine-tuning their motor skills – and whilst building a castle from bricks, they’re also helping develop their spatial awareness.

Who knew learning really could be this much fun?!

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