An alarmingly high number of children have poor posture. A recent study suggested that children as young as seven are suffering from back related problems.

Dr Francis Smith, who led the study, said: “We found degenerative changes in the spine much earlier than we ever would have suspected. This study revises our thoughts on when we should begin preventive back care. Proactive steps should begin early in life, even before puberty.

We are experiencing diabetes and heart disease in our pre-teens and now the structural body is showing early signs of ageing as well.

So what is causing this? 

Heavy backpacks and book bags

Many hours spent playing video games, computers, laptops and mobile phones

Faulty beds and mattresses and chairs

Bad body awareness – children will mimic parents if they have faulty posture

Obesity, poor diet and bad sleeping habits.

What can you do to help? 

EN1729 Part 1 is the standard drawn up by the Technical Committee for Europe, CEN/TC207, which now sets chair dimensions, heights, angles and back support contact points for every age group – so as to encourage good posture.

We have noticed an incline in demand for EN1279 chairs like the Titan one piece chair. (Will add link) they are proven to support a growing child’s needs and reduce the risk of back problems.

Good posture not only means our children will be healthier – it also means that they should be more comfortable – and therefore more attentive in class.

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