The learning environment is incredibly important. It affects the way children learn, it affects the way they socialise and it affects how safe they feel.

And let’s face it, the fabric of schools gets more wear and tear than just about any other type of public building.

Aside from the money, every headteacher is on a limited budget. And let’s face it, it is often hard work planning in renovations at schools. Builders are hard enough to tie down to a date for anything and with schools it is often more awkward because it is much more convenient for works to be carried out at times like the summer holidays when tradesmen and women are often on holiday themselves.

Costcutters takes a unique approach.

First we supply the equipment and materials, that can be tables and chairs for classrooms, staff rooms, dining halls or it could be tables and benches for labs or even lockers. But there are lots of people who supply the goods, what we also do is arrange the fitting as well.

First we listen to you to find out exactly what your requirements are. We also work to your budget and advise you on the different options. Then, where necessary, we map out how the renovation will look and we also plan it out so you know what is happening when and for how much.

After that you simply sit back while we organise installers, electricians, carpenters, decorators and all the trades necessary to complete your project.

If you’d like to view some of the projects we’ve completed for other schools then you can view our case studies here

If you have a renovation project at your school that you want to talk about then call us on 03333 443370 or email:

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