• Children sleep better at night if they have had fresh air and sunshine throughout the day.
  • Outdoor play is better for childrens eyesight
  • Reduces obesity and improves confidence and health

How can you help?

To invite children to play outdoors, we have an extensive collection of outdoor play equipment. A bright and exciting playground will encourage the children to be active.

Besides adding designated outdoor time to the curriculum, like Wellie Wednesday or Forrest Friday, you could encourage the children and parents to be active outside school. Not everyone has easy access to natural spaces outside, with many families in the UK living in built-up urban areas. There might not be woodlands on your doorstep, but there will still be some ways in which you can get outside with your little ones in your neighbourhood. Contact the local authorities’ website for a list of parks and recreational spaces in your area.

What are you doing to encourage parents to walk to school? Do you have a bike shed and cycle awareness classes? Is there a safe place for children to leave scooters and bikes during class?

The fear of traffic, concerns about personal safety and even the weather can affect how parents feel about their children playing outdoors or walking to school. Trying to find the right balance between safety while encouraging new experiences can be tricky, so before starting an activity with the children, ask yourself: what will the children gain from doing this? Then think about the risks, and how you might avoid those risks. If you think most risks are either avoidable by taking appropriate care then go on and enjoy the activity.

The British Heart Foundation have released a few helpful recourses for children of all ages like the “Make a move programme”.  The Make a move programme helps schools become active schools that can increase activity levels among secondary students, in particular those who are inactive or have low activity levels. For more information email bhfnctraining@lboro.ac.uk

You can view the full range of actvity guides and recources here.


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