We’ve just posted our latest ‘How To’ on YouTube. Simple, uncomplicated and the children will love it either for treats or candles. Also there is an added bonus of not having the mess of carving a pumpkin so you can easily decorate the classroom. All you will need is Orange tissue papar, glue, a black marker – and of course a jar!

Step 1 Cut or tear the tissue paper into stripes

Step 2 Glue them on the side of the jar vertically. This way when they overlap a little you get more of a ‘pumpkin effect’

Step 3 Once it’s covered and dried (takes about 20mins if placed near a radiator), simply draw the pumpkin face on the side.Then you can either fill it with treats or use a candle to light it up like a real pumpkin, but without the mess!

We hope you enjoyed this. Keep checking out this page as we will be posting more 30 second ‘How to’ craft videos in the run up for Christmas. Some items are available in our Arts and Crafts department online.

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