Hello educators & a very Happy New Year from the Costcutters team. We hope 2015 is a productive and exciting year for both yourself and your pupils. This year we’ll be bringing you even more exciting resources and big ideas from educators across the world and web…
This month: find out how you can use Minecraft in the classroom, get your class involved in an amazing global art project as part of #DrawingDisability and think a little harder about handling bad behaviour while promoting inclusion.

Building Blocks: Minecraft in the classroom


Institute of Play is one of our very favourite new online discoveries. This exciting organisation is all about making education relevant to students in the 21st century, using the principles of game design to stimulate young minds and to make learning “irresistible”.

To give you a little taste of the type of fantastic content Institute of Play produce, we’re sharing a recent post all about using viral gaming sensation Minecraft as an educational tool in the classroom. The blog shares a heap of resources for teachers to get stuck into, including a recently published Minecraft in the Classroom book and a super blog from Dan Bloom on Edutopia which shares his experience of getting started with Minecraft and a ream of free resources too. All very good reasons to make bookmarking Institute of Play your next priority.

#DrawingDisability: How to get your pupils involved

The Global Education First Initiative is a great website for keeping track of worthy causes and inspiring educational initiatives all over the world. This month the blog features an exciting global art project which aims to spark dialogue about disability amongst pupils and teachers.

Children and schools from all over the world are invited to submit their drawings to the #DrawingDisability campaign, these drawings will be showcased at the World Education Forum in South Korea in May. In September, public voters and an expert panel will choose their favourite 30 images for display at the 70th United Nations General Assembly.

These images must represent ideas and feelings relating to issues surrounding disability; from accessibility, to discrimination. If you’d like to involve your class, you can download a teacher’s guide here and submit your pupil’s creations online today. Good luck!

Tackling bad behaviour, ensuring inclusion


Behaviour, behaviour, behaviour. If there’s one issue which looms large in the UK’s comprehensives today, this is it. But how can you tackle bad behaviour while ensuring your school is inclusive? And how can you be truly inclusive if one pupil’s behaviour is negatively impacting 30 other students’ educations? This is the issue at the core of Tom Sherrington‘s latest post on headguruteacher.

His solution? Well, it’s not as simple as that. But his thought provoking article does offer some clear directions and some worthy ideas. Well worth a read.

Does your school have an effective yet inclusive approach to dealing with bad behaviour? How do you discuss issues of disability with your pupils? Would you consider bringing Minecraft into the classroom? Share your ideas and your opinions with other teachers below!

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