Childrens Bean Bags & Cushions

Outdoor learning is now a big part of the school curriculum and here we have selected a range of soft seating options that are ideal for the outdoor classroom. The majority of our bean bags and cushions are made in the UK and meets relevant safety standards. Our range will suit nursery chidren through to high school children and young adults.

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BazZoo Sea Life Whale Bean Bag
This friendly and engaging bean bag will help to encourage little learners by making sitting down fo..
Inc vat: £86.93
BazZoo Sea Life Fish Bean Bag
The BazZoo Fish bean bag offers plenty of ergonomic back support whilst reading plus a comfy bucket-..
Inc vat: £87.73
Childrens Summer Meadow Print Bean Bag Floor Cushion
Our new floor cushions bring a sense of nature indoors.  The Learn about Nature collection is d..
Inc vat: £97.78
Childrens Quilted Outdoor Sit Upons Cushions  Set of 10
The outdoor quilted sit upons are manufactured from quilted fabric which is wipe clean. The sit upon..
Inc vat: £98.39
Hay Bale Bean Bags, Pack of 2
These bean bags look so real you might be surprised at how soft they are to sit on! Use as part of a..
Inc vat: £99.53
Learn about Nature Grass Bean Bag Cubes (Pack of 2)
These realistic looking bean bag cubes are a versatile choice – use them indoors and outdoors, or to..
Inc vat: £105.84
Classroom Cube Bean Bags
Boost your learning space with a touch of creativity using the Classroom Cube Bean Bags. These ..
Inc vat: £107.10
BazZoo Sea Life Crab Bean Bag Chair
Our new BazZoo Sea Life Crab bean bag chair will inspire creative thinking and play whilst making an..
Inc vat: £110.90
BazZoo Sea Life Turtle Bean Bag Chair
Our new BazZoo Sea Life Turtle bean bag chair will inspire creative thinking and play whilst ma..
Inc vat: £112.14
BazZoo Safari Modular Hippo Floor Cushions
BazZoo Safari Modular Hippo Floor Cushions are new for 2017 and will allow childrens imaginatio..
Inc vat: £112.96
Primary Settee Bean Bag
We believe that group work or assisted learning can really benefit from comfortable seating, as the ..
Inc vat: £113.46
Nature Range Large Tree Stump Stool (Pack Of 2)
Enhance any lesson revolving around nature, lifecycles, adaptation or the environment with these sup..
Inc vat: £114.08
Book Seat Cushion Set
The book seat is a complete seating solution, it is ideal for an adult reader with a small group of ..
Inc vat: £116.22
2 Seater Oval Pod Bean Bags, Pack of 3
This set of three large two seater oval pods are perfect for furnishing reading corners and librarie..
Inc vat: £124.75
School Seat Pod Bean Bags Brights Pack of 5
These versatile, sturdy and stackable pack of 5 School Seat Pods are suitable for children up to KS2..
Inc vat: £124.75
Learn About Nature Woodland Tree Stump Stool, Pack of 3
This set of three woodland tree stumps are a great resource to inspire lessons on nature, lifecycles..
Inc vat: £125.56