Kids Balance Boards & Beams

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Balancing board- Therapy Top
Great for practising balancing skills Made of highly durable plastic Size: D400mm x H90mm ..
Inc vat: £28.97
Square Maze Seesaw
Great fun whilst improving children's balance. Children will have loads of fun with this seesaw a..
Inc vat: £40.09
Spherical Rocking Toy
A spherical rocking toy for hours of fun indoors or outdoors Children can sit in it and rock i..
Inc vat: £40.82
Mini Top Motor skills Toy
Great for motor skills development Safe and easy to use - at first with the help of an adult, but..
Inc vat: £43.46
Riverstones Balancing Path  set of 6
A new and improved design of the original River Stones, these stones can be stacked for easy st..
Inc vat: £47.40
Gonge Mini Balance Seesaw
Classic play equipment now with a new unique design! Pliable synthetic rubber domes on the und..
Inc vat: £50.00
River Balancing Path for Children Set of 6
The ideal path building exercise for children! Connect the parts and make your own river to walk and..
Inc vat: £51.36
Gonge Air Balancing Board
A new and wholly unique balancing board for play and rehabilitation. The board is made of a ha..
Inc vat: £59.22
Gonge Giant Spinning Top
A giant, heavy duty, plastic top for one or two children. Develops children's physical co-ordination..
Inc vat: £59.99
Circle (12 pieces) walking board pack
Bright coloured balancing aidBrightly coloured bricks form a non slip surface. Aids balance and co-o..
Inc vat: £65.86
Childrens Mini Stilts
Unique stilts especially developed for younger children The hard rubber handles provide a good..
Inc vat: £78.97
Childrens Floor Surfer Ride on Toy
Roller board for play and therapy The floor surfer is appealing to children and combines play and..
Inc vat: £82.98
Weplay Balance Pedal Walker
A great way for children to get around while improving balance. Two balance pedals can be used..
Inc vat: £87.76
We Play Tactile Balance Paths
Protruding dots on each path offers different sensory stimulation Tactile paths range is avail..
Inc vat: £100.31
Gonge Giant Balancing Board
For rocking from side to side, spinning around and balancing - children will have great fun whilst e..
Inc vat: £105.32
Hilltops Balancing Shapes
Designed with developing a childs ability to estimate distance and get them used to heights, these "..
Inc vat: £107.83