Athletics Throwing Pack

Develop and enhance throwing and hand eye coordination.

This kit develops and enhances hand eye co-ordination and provides quality resources to explore the options and combinations to improve technique to increase accuracy and distance in this very disciplined activity.

  • 8 x Rubber quoits
  • 12 x Standard bean bags
  • 12 x Shape bean bags
  • 4 x Bull nosed foam javelins
  • 4 x Rubber discus
  • 4 x Foam flyers
  • 2 x 20xm Tactile balls
  • 2 x 10cm Foam balls
  • 1 x 30m measuring tape in closed case
  • 1 x Mesh drawstring bag
Code: WY-10000-016K

£125.91 exc vat
£151.09 inc vat
Athletics Throwing Pack
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