Astreea St Tropez Extra Large Igloo Canopy Cover

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St Tropez is a luxurious fabric made from Belgium linen that falls creaseless and flows in the breeze. 98% water-resistant to protect when the unexpected rain clouds hit.

Popper the panels together to create a complete dome around your frame and just leave one panel tied back to provide a doorway. Or tie each panel around a frame pole to create the poolside canopy look which is the perfect combination for providing sun shade and allowing the summer breeze to flow through

PLEASE NOTE this is just an extra cover, no Igloo frame is included in this product.

Size options | Cover comes in three sizes to fit your Medium, Large or Extra Large Igloo.

Medium = Packaging box 1 for cover: 800x400x100mm

Large = Packaging box 1 for cover: 800x400x130mm

Extra Large = Packaging box 1 for cover: 800x400x180mm

  • Water-resistant
  • Two ways to style
  • Cooler option to Oslo for summer
  • Provides shelter from the heat
  • Breathable fabric
  • Luxury style at affordable price
  • Option to have privacy
  • Windbreak option
More Information
Lead Time 3-5 Days
Width 4.76m
Height 4.2m
Built In Draws No