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8 Seater Concrete Base Outdoor Picnic Bench
Large enough to seat eight adults comfortably Steel reinforced bolted concrete ends giving exc..
Ex Tax: £584.20
8 Seater Octagonal Wooden Picnic Bench
This octagonal picnic bench is suitable to seat up to eight adults comfortably. The bench is the per..
Ex Tax: £291.05
Children's Octagonal Wooden Picnic Bench
Our octagonal junior bench has been specifically designed to suit the needs of schools and play..
Ex Tax: £261.32
Childrens Octagonal Picnic Bench
Seating for up to 8 children Made to high standards and built to last, you can expect many years ..
Ex Tax: £232.62
Cotswold Heavy Duty Picnic Bench
Our heavy duty Cotswold Picnic Benches are manufactured in the UK from timber sourced from sustainab..
Ex Tax: £162.92
Cotswold Junior Picnic Bench
Our Cotswold Junior Picnic Bench is manufactured in the UK from timber sourced from sustai..
Ex Tax: £153.70
Heavy Duty Concrete & Wood School Park Bench
Outdoor school furniture has to be able to withstand the great British weather and this product is g..
Ex Tax: £406.87
Heavy Duty Concreter Base Picnic Bench Plus
The Big Bench Plus features an extended table top and seats to allow for easier access for the disab..
Ex Tax: £610.85
Heavy Duty Outdoor School Bench
Typically sturdy and robust, the Pennine Bench offers a hard wearing and adaptable seating solution ..
Ex Tax: £293.10
Infant Outdoor Wooden Bench
Whether you use this as a buddy bench, story telling chair, or just for quiet reflection, this stron..
Ex Tax: £101.42
Large Infant Picnic Bench
Made to high standards and built to last, you can expect many years of learning through play. Our in..
Ex Tax: £128.07
Round Childrens Picnic Bench
A robust, round picnic bench suitable to seat upto 9 children.  This bench is the perfect addit..
Ex Tax: £296.17
Round Heavy Duty Picnic Table
Large enough to seat eight adults comfortably, this concrete and wood picnic table is extremely robu..
Ex Tax: £731.80