Alphabet Donut Cushion Set (26 Pieces)

These alphabet donut cushions are made with easily recognisable font with both lower and uppercase letters. Each cushion also has a word and picture matching the letter of the alphabet you're looking at.

  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Trolley is made with solid wood
  • 26 donut cushions all together

The trolley comes with a set of four casters and two are lockable, meaning you can lock the trolley in one place. It is also easy to assemble making it perfect for any school or nursery.

Code: BN0132

£313.71 exc vat
£376.45 inc vat
Alphabet Donut Cushion Set (26 Pieces)
Alphabet Donut Cushion Set (26 Pieces)
2-3 weeks 1 year guarantee
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