Sensory Toys

Sensory toys were first conceived of back in the 1970s, when 2 Dutch psychologists developed the idea of Snoezelen rooms for children with learning disabilities. These days, we can stimulate play in any number of different ways through the use of tactile sensations, fun colours and interactive designs. As our knowledge about how best to care for special children has increased, the demand for items that fulfil these roles has also risen. Thankfully, our prices have not, and here at Cost Cutters UK you can find a wide selection of high quality toys for kids and toddlers of all ages and abilities.

Perfect for both schools and the home, our wide range of special needs sensory games and toys are suitable for both children with developmental delays and those for whom learning comes a little easier. Browse online today to discover products such as jumping bean bags, activity playhouses and both individual and community play activities. All of our products have great feedback from all teachers, co-ordinators and nursery nurses who have seen children in their care blossom and thrive through play.

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Sensory liquid set
Will captivate and fascinateHighly attractive transparent colour timers which use the flow of oil an..
Inc vat: £5.99
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Twist and shake
Suitable from 6 monthsThis colourful twist and shake rainmaker is a contemporary classic. The clear ..
Inc vat: £6.30
Edushape small individual sensory ball
Soft textured easy grip ballThese delightful, soft textured and easy grip easy catch balls are great..
Inc vat: £7.19
Touch & Match Board
This touch and match board is ideal for identifying and matching up 12 tactile turned hardwood count..
Inc vat: £11.94
Halilit Twirly whirly Rainbomaker
Halilit twirly whirly Rainbomaker with colourful propellers and spinnerActivity Rainbomaker with col..
Inc vat: £13.19
Sensory dual colour set
A set of 3 liquid tubes which will caprivate and fascinateTurn any of these three colourful liquid t..
Inc vat: £15.59
Sensory light ball, irregular bounce
These interesting bouncy balls provide endless fun and entertainment for children as not only are th..
Inc vat: £15.59
Sensory light ball, textured
These interesting bouncy balls provide endless fun and entertainment for children as not only are th..
Inc vat: £15.59
Halilit Rainbomaker
Full of sensory delight with wonderful sounds and visual effectsHeight 400mm. Suitable from ages 12 ..
Inc vat: £16.79
Spiral tube set
Highly attractive transparent colour timersThese timers use the flow of oil and water droplets to sh..
Inc vat: £16.79
Large sensory bubble set
Set of 4 bright colours to captivate and fascinateTurn any of these four colourful liquid timers ups..
Inc vat: £17.99
Sensory jump beans, set 4 asstd colours
Buy a set of 4 and save! Turn any of these 4 large colourful timers upside down to release drople..
Inc vat: £4.74
Jumbo colour mixing shapes
Ideal for shape and colour recognition and for colour mixing.Easy to handle, the shapes are good for..
Inc vat: £19.19
Tactile balls, set of 6
Six differently coloured soft plastic, air filled balls of the right size to enable toddlers and you..
Inc vat: £23.99
Mirror block set
These mirror blocks come with double sided reflective acrylic mirror inserts. They are made to promo..
Inc vat: £27.59
Ruff's House, teaching tactile set
Includes a sturdy plastic dog house!Children can help Ruff find his bones by reaching in the dog hou..
Inc vat: £29.99