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Children's Mirrors

Our multi-award winning mirror range is great for stimulating curiosity in younger children. By purchasing one of our children’s mirror sets, whether it be wall mounted or a soft framed safety mirror that can be handheld, you can help spike this interest. Apart from just being fun objects mirrors can help teach children about how they look and facial features, helping to develop their awareness. See also Safety Handheld & Wall Mirrors.

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2-in-1 Unbreakable mirrors, set 6
Easy-to-hold double sided mirror will help children learn all about themselves..
Inc vat: £29.99
9 bubble maxi mirror
9 convex mirror bubbles surrounded by flat reflections of all that is seeable. Hardware not included..
Inc vat: £185.99
Bookcase mirror table set
A multi-functional set manufactured from maple MDF. The set comprises a low bookcase with five comp..
Inc vat: £323.99
Concave mirror
Mounted on our snap-together plastic frame, our dome turns you upside down or creates holographic im..
Inc vat: £203.99
Convex mirror
Our mirror sees you anywhere. Unique hemisphere stimulates shaped visual images. Hardware not includ..
Inc vat: £131.99
Flowers & butterflies mirror set
Made from resistant PET, all mirrors are shatter resistant. This range of mirrors help children deve..
Inc vat: £161.99
Friendly bronto
Create some excitement in the play area with kids mirrors made especially for them. The Childrens Fa..
Inc vat: £221.99
Giant wood efect softie mirrors, set 3
these large format mirror panels, surrounded in tough EVA foam* (with wood effect patterning) enable..
Inc vat: £53.99
Hand held rectangle foam mirror
Children will enjoy this hand held mirror with easy grip handles and mirror surface. Can be used fo..
Inc vat: £15.59
Measure me mirror
Mirror features inches, feet, and centimeters. Should be mounted 24" off the floor to create a maxim..
Inc vat: £65.99
Message mirror, today's special person
Laser cut into the mirror surface is a message so that the user is prompted to consider a thought. M..
Inc vat: £7.19
Mini see me aquarium
This range of mirrors help children develop self awareness, curiosity and role play. Mirrors can be ..
Inc vat: £269.99
Mirror height chart
Includes wall mount fixings. Measures height whilst looking at their image. Measures children up to ..
Inc vat: £77.99
Mirror windows of the world
Unique color windowpanes are silk screened on back surface so children's fingers never touch the pai..
Inc vat: £239.99
Mirror with handrail attachment, large
Inc vat: £149.99