Early Years Room Dividers

Room dividers are an invaluable and versatile piece of furniture in any educational setting. They make getting the most out of your space easy. Use them to split a room in to two focus areas or to portray stimulating images for young minds. Our play pens also allow you to create safe areas for children to play and explore.

Our great range is compiled from leading brands such as Spaceright and Profile Education and will cater for your every need, with many items available for free UK delivery.

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Footbase for Kiddi train room divider panels
Add this footbase to the Kiddi train to make the panels more stable! ..
Inc vat: £25.79
Jolly Kidz Magicpanel Playpen extension
For use with our Jolly Kidz Magicpanel Playpen onlyAn extension kit of 4 panels (mixed colours) to i..
Inc vat: £27.59
Room Divider Panels Kiddi Train, Wall Post
Inc vat: £32.40
Free standing post for Kiddi train room divider panels
These free standing wall posts are designed to use with the kiddi train room dividers.  They..
Inc vat: £35.94
Nursery corner, wall post
Create your own fun corner with a choice of panelsThis set of linking room dividers are made from bi..
Inc vat: £63.54
Cog Illusion Wheels Plus Wall Bracket
This double sided panel has cogs on side one and illusion wheels on side two. Comes complete w..
Inc vat: £68.39
Jungle/Farmyard Room Divider
Help stimulate your children's understanding of the world around them. Our visually attractive ..
Inc vat: £76.19
Bead Wire Wall Plus Wall Bracket
The bead tracker comes complete with two tracks and different shapes! It also comes with the wall br..
Inc vat: £79.19
Ball Track Panel
The ball track panel is double sided so that the balls can run through both sides of the panel. T..
Inc vat: £85.19
Jolly Kidz magicpanel playpen
Can be used indoors or outdoorsBuild any size or shape of Playpen with our versatile Jolly Kidz Magi..
Inc vat: £91.19
Counting Tile Plus Wall Bracket
The counting tile panel with its abacus style features include beads made from various shapes and la..
Inc vat: £93.59
Junior Freestanding Partitions
Junior Freestanding Partitions Double sided & flame retardant ideal for schoolsFreestanding junior p..
Inc vat: £89.94
Fun fence panel, plain
Choice of 5 fun designsAn attractive and appealing range of fun fence panels which will create a col..
Inc vat: £137.99
Jolly Kidz Versatile Playpen
Can be used indoors or outdoorsAn ideal way to create a safe and controlled environment for younger ..
Inc vat: £119.94
Wave partition screen
Ideal for creating a corner play areaModular partitioning system to help create the perfect play are..
Inc vat: £119.94