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Children's Mirrors

Our multi-award winning mirror range is great for stimulating curiosity in younger children. By purchasing one of our children’s mirror sets, whether it be wall mounted or a soft framed safety mirror that can be handheld, you can help spike this interest. Apart from just being fun objects mirrors can help teach children about how they look and facial features, helping to develop their awareness.

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Measure me mirror
Code : C9442
See how tall you are in the mirror! 
Softir mirror exploratory
Code : 72424
Ideal for children to use in imaginative play 
Mirror height chart
Code : C7572
Includes wall mount fixings 
Multy activity pentagonal mirror -2 SHOW
Code : PENMR1
Soft play mirrored pentagon, transforms into a balance course, 5 pieces! 
Mirror with handrail attachment - medium
Code : 138401
Handrail enables children to pull themselves up to look in mirror 
See me ABC mirrors
Code : C9450
Unique set of mirrors reflect back all the joys of a preschooler's day 
Wall mirror and mat set
Code : HK101
Encourage babies to explore their image at their own level 
Convex mirror
Code : C9444
Flat surrounding surface captures all that is around 
Mirror with handrail attachment - large
Code : 138400
Handrail enables children to pull themselves up to look in the mirror 
Wall mirror
Code : C7573
Top quality mirror 
Long kinderbox with mirrors
Code : 1366LK
Features carry handles and safety mirrors on either side 
Wall mounted shapes wall mirror - beec
Code : 136824
Create excitement as babies & toddlers study their reflection in these fun mirrors! 
See thru skeleton mirror
Code : C9441
Silk screened on back of mirror so color will not scratch off 
Flowers & butterflies mirror set
Code : C9447
Can be fixed to many different surfaces 
T- rex mirror
Code : C9448
A big buddy to share your every moment, spruces up any wall 
Toughened mirror table
Code : 136901
Features a unique safety reflective mirror to stimulate interest 
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Children's Mirrors

Younger children often show a fascination with mirrors that you don't see them have with many other objects. They appeal to the sense of intrigue that makes children want to explore their surroundings and as they explore and get to grips with the idea of opposites and reflections.

As children find them so interesting we have sourced a wide variety of mirrors that are suitable and safe for use by little hands. With all of our mirrors either made from acrylic or from safety glass, and with many of them edged in foam or with specific handles, you can rest assured that these mirrors are safe for children to use.

children's mirrors

More Than Meets The Eye

You can choose from our many standard mirrors that include hand held and wall mountable options but we also have options for concave and convex mirrors which add another layer of fun and discovery. We also have some special mirrors such as our popular measure me mirror which has a height chart built into it which allows children to easily see how tall they are in centimeters.

If you want to have a fun themed mirror we have several shaped pieces such as our t-rex or butterfly mirror. These have been cut to give you something different that will create a stand out feature in any room that you hang them on the wall in.