Metal Framed Storage

Metal framed storage is strong and durable making it ideal for use in a variety of different environments, especially schools. The range is comprised of a range of sizes and shapes ensuring you plenty of choice to choose the perfect storage units for your educational setting. The trolleys can be fitted out with a wide range of coloured trays and you can choose between castors or fixed feet, and between single, double or treble width, or mini for smaller spaces

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Tuff Spot Transport Trolley
Can hold up to 10 tuff spot traysA solid metal trolley with four large wheels designed to hold and t..
Inc vat: £118.79
PE Storage Trolley
A versatile storage unit suitable for sport accessoriesVersatile PE storage trolley featuring six sm..
Inc vat: £167.99
Storage Cart plus 9 Divided Tubs
These multi-purpose storage carts are great for most classroom, library and nursery materials s..
Inc vat: £171.59
Take Me Out Storage Trolley
This metal framed storage unit is supplied with 5 clear deep trays including lids which has been des..
Inc vat: £183.59
Metal Art Equipment Trolley
Perfect for storing all your art equipment & bits and pieces! Capable of holding large amount..
Inc vat: £225.54
Fruit Serving Trolley
Designed to hold and transport fruit around a school. This robust fully welded trolley features brak..
Inc vat: £239.99
Equipment Storage Trolley D
This storage container comes complete with three separate layered wire baskets.Can be used for in a ..
Inc vat: £249.59
Equipment Storage Trolley B
This two layered storage tray comes complete with extra deep wire baskets with central dividers. ..
Inc vat: £257.99
Equipment Storage Trolley C
This equipment trolley has three useful layers complete with v-shaped baskets on the top level. T..
Inc vat: £293.99
Tuff Spot Resource Trolley
Can hold up to 10 tuff spot trays A solid metal trolley with four large wheels designed to hold a..
Inc vat: £311.99
Library on wheels
The library on wheels has a sturdy frame which is ideal for transporting heavy books around the scho..
Inc vat: £359.99
Craft, Design and Technology Trolley
This craft, design and technology trolley comes complete with 2 louvred end panels, 12 tool hooks, 1..
Inc vat: £419.88