Hello educators! How is back to school September treating you? Are you full of renewed enthusiasm and bright ideas or are the early mornings and over-excited students already taking their toll? Perhaps you’ve got a fresh resolution for your new school year or have picked up a smart new skill this summer to pioneer in the classroom, why not tell our readers all about it in the comments section below? In the meantime, it’s time for another dose of news, views, tips and tools from across the web this month…

This week, meet the new(ish) education secretary Nicky Morgan, WIN a copy of eSafety teaching book PenguinPig, think a little harder about sharing school trip photos and find out more about visible learning…

Meet new education secretary Nicky Morgan

Ding dong, Mr Gove is gone and in his place a brand new face has come to power as the UK’s education secretary. Following Gove’s controversial (to say the least) reign, Ms Morgan is likely to court far less controversy, focusing on “aspiration” in a system where she has claimed to be tired of “hearing politicians talk about who [they] hated”.

Former treasury secretary and current women and equality minister, Morgan is one of just two mothers in the cabinet. You can learn more about what Nicky Morgan’s rule could mean for teachers and schools over the next few months over on the Creative Education blog.

Do you have an opinion on our new minister? Share it with the Costcutter’s team and @CreativeEdu by tweeting your thoughts with #GoveOUT.

WIN a copy of PenguinPig & teach better online safety

When a young girl reads about the existence of a penguinpig on the internet, she uses all of her online resources to help her track the mysterious beast down, learning lots of valuable online safety lessons along the way. If you’d like a new, FREE tool to help you teach your young surfers about eSafety, this great new book which we discovered through the very worthwhile Teaching News website is a brilliant resource. Visit Teaching News today to find competition instructions and your chance to win a copy of PenguinPig for your classroom.

How do you share school trip photos?

A digital camera can be an amazing tool in schools. Cameras stimulate creativity, document learning experiences and give parents, children and teachers the opportunity to preserve memories and show just what their school is all about.

Unfortunately, taking snaps on your school trips can also be a minefield, particularly when it comes to sharing the images afterwards. Online tools like Picasa and Flickr are all very well, but their privacy settings are not always flexible enough to ensure parents can kids have access to photographs, while remaining private.

Equally, not every parent feels comfortable with their child’s pictures being uploaded in any setting. So how can you navigate the issue while sharing all the fun and learning you enjoyed? Primary School teacher and IT whizz Ian Addison has a few ideas up his sleeve which are well worth reading up on…

(Oh, and if you fancy taking your class on a virtual school trip this Thursday, Ian recommends a great one all about bees and honey!).

Could a visible learning approach work wonders on your maths teaching?

Writer and maths teacher William Emeny is a big fan of John Hattie‘s “visible learning” method, and he claims that it’s having a big impact on his teaching of maths. If you’re keen to take a new approach which focuses on explicit criteria for success, challenging tasks and well managed student expectations, this comprehensive and thoughtful blog will introduce you to the technique and demonstrate how it works in a real world classroom.

What is you view of visible learning? How do you safely share photographs with students and parents? Has PenguinPig helped you to teach online safety? Share your tips, tricks and views with other teachers below.

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