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We have a range of different balls that can be used for many different activities! From basketballs and footballs to ballpools for toddlers and sports day sets we can provide for anything required for your PE lessons or nursery equipment. 

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Centurion football (size 4)
WAS ..
Inc vat: £5.99
First play catch net & ball
Helps children develop their movement and eye tracking skills This 45cm net allows children to ca..
Inc vat: £7.74
Urchin balls
Fun, brightly coloured urchin balls for sensory use & to play with These stretchy, yet tactil..
Inc vat: £8.39
Football 2 x junior pop up goals + 4 cones
Pops up and down in less than 10 seconds! This bumper set includes two pop up junior goals and fo..
Inc vat: £44.39
First play small ball pack
Includes 50 balls, small ball pack for children This pack consists of fifty balls of various size..
Inc vat: £62.39
First play large ball pack
Pack of 18 assorted sizes This pack consists of eighteen balls of various size and texture to hel..
Inc vat: £69.59
First play bat and ball pack
Value class pack This 40 piece set is the ideal introduction for children to develop striking, ba..
Inc vat: £71.99
First play flexiball pack
Pack of 16 easy to catch balls The grid design make these balls easy to catch, they can be picked..
Inc vat: £75.59
First play playground ball pack
Playground ball pack for early years An assortment of balls in a variety of sizes and texture to ..
Inc vat: £92.39
Centurion tag rugby development kit
An ideal introduction to the game of rugby A fun, interactive, fast-moving, noncontact, evasion g..
Inc vat: £95.99
Carton of 500 Playballs
75mm playballs for ball pools. Mixed packs of primary colours! Great for use with our soft play s..
Inc vat: £113.94
First play multi sensory ball pack
Helps encourage motor skills, sensory ball pack Complete with bag - a specially selected range of..
Inc vat: £119.99
Basketball/Netball trainer
Ideal for group practice A multiple-target basket/netball stand with four hoops set at different ..
Inc vat: £131.99
First play mini netball set
Great for introducing children to netball Mini netball is a fun interactive game to introduce som..
Inc vat: £137.99
School set
A bumper pack of 25 balls suitable for a variety of uses Set includes 25 balls to help childre..
Inc vat: £179.99