Art Easels

Our ranges of easels make it easy for young artists to paint on a vertical surface no matter what your space situation. For single painters or group activity, we have a host of options to keep you covered.

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Easel rolls, pack 6
A pack of 6 80gsm lightweight drawing rolls. Size: 508mm x 20m. ..
Inc vat: £29.99
Desktop See-Thru Paint Easel
This desktop see-thru paint easel is ideal for painting portraits and self portraits. It is fre..
Inc vat: £53.99
Single hanging fence easel
Perfect for outdoor art lessons available as one or two person These easels come complete with S-..
Inc vat: £83.94
Table top acrylic easel
Easy wipe clean perspex Can be used as a standard easel or can be painted directly onto the wipe ..
Inc vat: £95.94
Small Individual Desktop Easel
This small individual desktop easel it perfect for writing or drawing. As this easel is so lightweig..
Inc vat: £110.39
Table top/floor double sided easel
Can be used on the table or floor A high quality easels crafted from solid beech wood from sustai..
Inc vat: £117.59
Traditional 2 sided easel
Double sided wooden easel has chalk on one side and a drywipe board on the other. Suitable for ages ..
Inc vat: £119.99
Brian Clegg desktop easel
Can also be used outdoors Premium quality indoor/outdoor easels specifically designed for toddler..
Inc vat: £105.59
Art Easel
Art Easel available with a choice of board options Our range of popular easels are available with..
Inc vat: £134.39
Large Multipurpose Desktop Easel
This large multipurpose desktop easel is lightweight and can be used anywhere within a school and it..
Inc vat: £147.59
Little Brian toddler indoor/outdoor  easel
A range of indoor/outdoor easels available with 2, 3, 4 or 6 sides Premium quality indoor/outdoor..
Inc vat: £149.94
Two sided toddler chalkboard
Ideal for younger childrenA high quality double sided chalkboard ideal for toddlers. Features chunky..
Inc vat: £149.99
Brian Clegg standard easy clean indoor/outdoor easel
Our standard easel are perfect for indoor or outdoor use in a choice of 2, 3, 4 or 6 sides..
Inc vat: £159.11
Double sided toddler chalkboard easel
Ideal for toddlers and smaller childrenA high quality double sided chalkboard ideal for toddlers. Fe..
Inc vat: £161.99
Mobile acrylic easel
The perfect paint easel. Easily cleaned and allows children to paint together, with access to both s..
Inc vat: £167.99