Aprons and Coverings

Keeping areas and children clean and tidy during arts and crafts activities can be hard. So by choosing from our lines of aprons and coverings you can relax when the children get creative. All of these items are made from the best materials, giving waterproof and easy to clean surfaces, protecting the children’s clothes and your furniture.

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Coverall Plastic Cover
Helps protect tables and floor coveringsHeavy white plastic cover with red stars. Protect floors, ta..
Inc vat: £2.99
Plastic Table Covering
Protects tables from spillages and stainsDurable plastic table cover printed with an art and craft d..
Inc vat: £3.90
PVC Popover
Easy to use PVC pop over apron for arts and crafts activities. These popover aprons are made from..
Inc vat: £3.75
Nylon Play Smock
Nylon Play Smock (waterproof overalls) are available in a choice of 7 lengths. Children's play ap..
Inc vat: £3.95
Jumbo Messy Mats, pack 2
Ideal to use in a wide range of craftsThese Messy Mats are made from a tough polypropylene and are w..
Inc vat: £5.99
PVC overalls, single 3-4 year olds
Long sleeve PVC overalls for arts and crafts activitiesThese long sleeve PVC overalls come complete ..
Inc vat: £7.19
Splash mats, pack 4
Pack of 4 colourful splash matsA pack of 4 cover alls featuring striking designs consisting of: lett..
Inc vat: £13.50
Four seasons splash mats, pack 4
Set of four spalshmats depicting each of the four seasons!Each one of this four pack feature images ..
Inc vat: £14.39
Fruity splash mats, pack 5
Five mats of various designsIdeal for art and craft projects and also other activities. One of each ..
Inc vat: £15.59
Disposable aprons, pack 100
Protects clothes from paint and glueValue pack of 100 disposable aprons. One size...
Inc vat: £20.94
Patterned aprons, pack 4
Four coloured aprons with animal prints High quality aprons available in two sizes. Four differen..
Inc vat: £19.99
Large acrylic tablecloth - 1450 x 1450 mm
A versatile large table covering with funky designs. Machine washable.A versatile acrylic tablecloth..
Inc vat: £34.79
Round acrylic tablecloth - 1350 dia. mm
Round table cloth with great shape design, fully machine washable.A versatile acrylic tablecloth pri..
Inc vat: £34.79
Patterned Tabards, Pack 4
Four colourful and fun designs Made from PVC cotton. Available in two age ranges: 3-5 years - 57c..
Inc vat: £29.95
Plain aprons, pack 6, age 6-8 years
High quality apronsMade from PVC coated cotton. High quality apron available in two sizes. Age 3-5 y..
Inc vat: £35.99